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About us


With over 30 years of restaurant and service experience between us, we (Bill and Kathy Good) became owners of the "Mineola Steakhouse" in April 2010 and renamed the restaurant to “Tobey Jack’s Mineola Steak House” (Tobey Jack's).


Tobey Jack's, located on the popular Wabash Trace Biking Trail, is the ending point for a very popular weekly bike ride that had been created by biking enthusiasts over ten years ago.  The bike ride’s "Thursday Night Taco Ride" attracts up to 1,000 riders every Thursday night from May through October and the Steakhouse is the ending point to the ride, serving the riders tacos and drinks.


On other weeknights and during the winter months Tobey Jack's is the only local restaurant within ten miles, which makes it the most convenient restaurant for other small town area residents.


Physical changes and updates have been made to Tobey Jack’s.  Bill, an accomplished restaurant cook and manager, overhauled the menu.


A Facebook page was created and has attracted over 2,200 fans who regularly check for updates, specials, Thursday night bike ride information, and other restaurant activities.


Since the summer of 2010 Tobey Jack's has seen increasing numbers on Thursday nights as well as a steadier, loyal local crowd. Tobey Jack’s has established a substantial calendar of events for all types of customers including bike rides and other local excursions. Our loyal customer base extends over a 90 mile radius area around the restuarant.


Be sure to “Like” Tobey Jack’s Mineola Steak House on Facebook.

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